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Dentist in Newport Beach explains what dental crowns and tooth bridges are

What are Dental Crowns and Tooth Bridges in Newport Beach area

Chances are, at some point in your lifetime, you will need a dental restoration. Whether it is a simple filling or a more extensive restoration such as a dental crown or tooth bridge, most people suffer from tooth decay, disease, or trauma at some point in their life. Below, Dr. John Ravera, dentist in Newport Beach, CA, explains what these common types of tooth restorations are and how they help improve the health and appearance of your smile, as well as your teeth’s function.

Why dental restorations may be needed

Cavities are usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think about why a tooth may need to be repaired, but in fact, cavities are just one of many reasons why restorative dental work may be necessary. Other issues that can occur include:

  • Tooth loss due to traumatic injury
  • Chips or cracks in a tooth due to wear and tear, injury, or a weakened tooth structure
  • Deep infections or decay in a tooth
  • Multiple restorations on the same tooth that weaken it over time
  • Extraction of a tooth due to decay or disease
  • For cosmetic reasons, such as a misshapen or permanently discolored tooth
  • Fractures or cracks
  • Broken teeth that have been root canal treated
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There are many types of tooth restorations available, and for each type of restoration, there are also both metal and metal-free materials – in short, you have many options when it comes to returning your smile back to health!

Dental crowns

Crowns are one of the most common types of tooth restorations. A dental crown is like a cap for a tooth and can be used in a wide variety of circumstances, such as protecting a tooth after root canal therapy, anchoring a dental bridge in place, protecting a weak or damaged tooth, or covering up cosmetic issues. To place a dental crown, the dentist will first modify and shape the tooth, which is necessary to be able to fit the crown on top of the tooth. A digital scanner is used in lieu of models to take a 3-dimensional image and custom-design your tooth, usually the same day while you wait. When the crown is ready, Dr. Ravera tests its fit in your mouth and then when you are both happy with the way it looks and fits, he will use a modern dental bonding agent to secure it in place.

Tooth bridges

Bridgesare a common way to replace one or missing teeth in a row. They typically consist of one or more false teeth that are made from a sturdy, natural-looking material (usually esthetic ceramic, though other materials can be used), and then crowns are placed on the adjacent healthy teeth to secure the bridge in place. These restorations are permanent and not removable like dentures.

Dr. Ravera also offers many other tooth restoration options, such as dental implants, dentures, and tooth-colored fillings.

Benefits of dental restorations

Benefits of dental restorations in Newport Beach area

The benefits of high-quality dental restorations go well beyond just fixing a broken or missing tooth. They not only help maintain bite stability, but can also have a positive impact on several facets of your health, appearance, and self-confidence, including:

  • Improving the cosmetic appearance of your smile, which can have tremendous ripple effects on the rest of your life
  • Restoring the function of the damaged or missing tooth so you can eat your favorite foods and speak normally again
  • Stopping the disease processes, such as infection or decay, that are occurring in the tooth and protecting it from further damage or decay in the future
  • Preventing other teeth from shifting in place in your mouth if a dental restoration is being used to replace a missing tooth; this is important because teeth that become out of place can cause bite issues and uneven tooth wear and tear, leading to additional dental problems down the road
  • Making you look healthier and younger – when you are missing one or more teeth, it can make you look unhealthy and lead to a sunken appearance in your face where the missing tooth is located; by replacing it, you restore lost volume in your cheeks and a healthy appearance to your smile

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If you find yourself dealing with oral pain, have lost teeth that need to be replaced, or simply want to improve the appearance of your smile, dental restorations such as crowns or bridges may be just what you need to get out of pain and feel confident about your smile again. Dr. John Ravera knows that no two patients are alike. That’s why he takes the time to thoroughly evaluate your teeth, gums, and jaw and talks to you about your treatment preferences when making recommendations about which restorative dental options might be right for you. Your questions are important to Dr. Ravera, and he is happy to discuss the pros and cons of various options, so you feel confident in your tooth restoration choice.

To schedule an appointment, call John Ravera D.D.S General & Cosmetic Dentistry today at 949-877-3606! Existing patients can reach our Newport Beach, CA office at 949-706-7097.

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