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Patients in Laguna Beach, CA ask, “Where can I find a teeth whitening dentist near me?”

Teeth Whitening in Laguna Beach, CA Area

Age, certain foods and drinks, and lifestyle habits make it difficult to keep our teeth pearly white. We all want brighter smiles, yet we want our teeth to be healthy. Patients in Laguna Beach, CA area who are searching for a teeth whitening dentist near me can turn to Dr. John Ravera in Newport Beach. Dr. Ravera offers teeth whitening treatments to help patients safely achieve the beautifully white smiles they deserve.

Safe teeth whitening with a dentist

Teeth whitening with a dentist is not dangerous. Although over-the-counter products are readily available, they may be abrasive or ineffective. Patients often experience increased teeth or gum sensitivity with commercial whitening treatments. Also, commercially available products are not as effective as prescription strength whitening agents used by dental professionals.

By choosing to whiten with a dental professional, patients are choosing to keep their smiles healthy. Just having white teeth does not mean the teeth are healthy. Signs of decay or gum disease could still be lurking behind the smile. The American Dental Association recommends a dental consultation before doing whitening treatments. The dental team can clean and assess the teeth. They can spot problems affecting oral health or the whitening process. For example, dental restorations do not respond as natural teeth do to bleaching agents. A dentist can recommend the most appropriate smile enhancement procedure.

Dramatic whitening process

Teeth whitening is performed under the guidance of your dental professional. A high-quality whitening agent is used to transform the teeth efficiently and effectively. Whitening with a dentist is safe. Dr. Ravera offers in-office or at-home professional whitening treatments. The benefits of these treatments include:

  • Dramatic improvement after a single one hour in-office laser teeth whitening appointment.
  • Gentle whitening for sensitive teeth using custom at-home trays. Patients experience less tooth and gum sensitivity than with other treatments because the trays fit snugly around the teeth so the whitening agent does not slip or spill.
  • Both treatments are safe, efficient, and effective.
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