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Root Canal Therapy

Imagine a nagging toothache that comes and goes, sharp discomfort when you chew, or extreme temperature sensitivity… or waking in the middle of the night with a swollen face and acute pain. These are all conditions that can be treated with root canal therapy. Dr. John Ravera can relieve dental pain and help you save your teeth with this precise treatment, performed at his practice in Newport Beach, CA.

Root Canal Therapy, Newport Beach

What’s a root canal?

A tooth contains tiny channels or canals extending from the pulp chamber at the center to the tip of the root. These passageways house nerves and vascular tissues that let the tooth sense bite pressure and temperature to avoid dental injury. However, since teeth work together as a team, it is not necessary for every tooth to have nerves and blood flow.

A fracture, chip, or decay can allow harmful bacteria to penetrate the pulp chamber. That causes infection and inflammation and builds painful pressure inside the tooth. In other cases, a blow to the face or repeated dental work may damage nerves. Root canal therapy relieves root canal pain by removing its source – inflamed nerves. Extraction is usually the only alternative.

Endodontic treatment – what to expect

At John Ravera, DDS General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA, root canal therapy is non-traumatic. Job #1 is getting you out of discomfort, which may be done with antibiotics and pain medications prior to the procedure.

Then, root canal treatment steps follow this general course:

  • The tooth is thoroughly numbed for immediate relief
  • Dr. Ravera opens the tooth, alleviating pressure
  • Damaged tooth structure is removed
  • Using special endodontic instruments, blood vessels and nerves are taken out
  • Canals are sanitized
  • The chamber is sealed, and a temporary restoration protects the tooth
  • You return in a few weeks to have the temporary crown replaced with a porcelain one

Root canal procedure time requires only about 90 minutes in the chair. Most patients can return to work after the appointment and eat normally the next day. Root canal cost is covered by many insurance plans. With good hygiene, regular checkups, and sports protection, you may never need root canal therapy. If you do, though, your smile is in good hands with Dr. Ravera. Call 949-877-3606 to become a patient.

John Ravera D.D.S.

Dr. John Ravera graduated from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco. He has been engaged in the profession of dentistry since his early years as his family members were engaged in the medical field. Dr. Ravera along with his team provide a personalized service to all the patients, building a caring and compassionate relationship with them.

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