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Laser Therapy

The field of dental care is evolving quickly. Dr. John Ravera is dedicated to bringing the benefits of current advances such as laser dental therapy to his patients across the Newport Beach, CA area.

Laser Therapy, Newport Beach

Advantages of laser dentistry

A laser is a device that produces an extremely narrow beam of focused light. When this energy touches a part of the body, it triggers a carefully-calculated tissue reaction. While the first dental lasers were introduced in the 1990s, many offices have not yet embraced the technology. Dr. Ravera’s practice, however, is equipped with both hard and soft tissue lasers. He and his team are well-trained in laser treatment for teeth and gums, often used in conjunction with conventional dental instrumentation.

Because a laser does not produce vibration or frictional heat (as a drill does), treatment is comfortable and relaxed. In many cases, numbing injections are not needed, and the patient spends less time in the chair. The laser beam is quite precise, preserving healthy tooth structure. With laser techniques, there is minimal bleeding or post-procedure swelling. Because laser energy kills bacteria, this technique naturally speeds healing.

Versatile laser dental therapy available in Newport Beach, CA

Here are the primary the ways Dr. Ravera uses dental lasers:

  • Laser dental cleaning – Gently remove bacteria, plaque, and hardened deposits of tartar, reducing the need for scraping
  • Whitening teeth – Application of light activates the whitening agent, for an accelerated, more effective in-office procedure
  • Tooth decay – The hard tissue laser evaporates decay and damaged tooth structure, without drilling
  • Laser gum therapy – Laser treatment automatically cauterizes, as pockets are sterilized, and diseased gum tissue is removed
  • Crown lengthening – To reshape gum and bony tissues
  • Cold and canker sores – Relieves discomfort and speeds healing
  • Cosmetically gum contouring – Improves the balance of pink to white, and smooths ragged edges
  • Partially-impacted wisdom teeth – Exposes third molars so they may emerge normally, or to aid in easier extraction
  • Tongue- or lip-tie – Usually no anesthetic is needed for a quick “snip” to release attachment
  • Root canal therapy – Sterilizes canals, helping to ensure a successful outcome

Modern dentistry is available NOW at John Ravera, DDS General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA. Call 949-877-3606 to become a patient.

John Ravera D.D.S.

Dr. John Ravera graduated from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco. He has been engaged in the profession of dentistry since his early years as his family members were engaged in the medical field. Dr. Ravera along with his team provide a personalized service to all the patients, building a caring and compassionate relationship with them.

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