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General dentistry services for a healthy smile in Newport Beach, CA

General dentistry in Newport beach ca area

From dental cleanings to restorative treatments such as root canal therapy and dental implants, patients in the Newport Beach, CA area will find the general dentistry care they need and quality they can trust at John Ravera, D.D.S. General & Cosmetic Dentistry.

General dentistry services

A wide array of general dentistry services to help address many dental issues and conditions are offered at our practice. Some of our most common services are described below.

Same-day crowns

Gone are the days of babying a temporary crown while you wait for weeks for your permanent crown to be made. With advanced computer technology and imaging, Dr. Ravera can create precise digital impressions of your teeth and then fabricate your permanent crown right in the office from a block of high-quality dental ceramic while you wait. Once the crown is ready, it can be bonded on to your tooth – all in the same appointment! Your time is precious, and we take pride in being able to offer services such as same-day crowns for your convenience, but even better, same-day crowns offer unsurpassed quality due to the precise imaging and milling techniques used.

Root canal therapy

While the thought of root canals tends to make people shudder, they have unfairly received a bad reputation and we have several modern techniques to make you completely comfortable during the procedure. Root canal therapy is the best way to save a natural tooth that has been severely compromised and offers several benefits over a tooth extraction, which is often the only alternative.

Periodontal therapy

While it may seem like it just causes a bit of “pink in the sink” or puffy gums, periodontal disease is a serious matter that has been linked to grave health conditions such as heart attacks, diabetes, and strokes. Fortunately, Dr. Ravera offers several treatments for patients with gum disease, whether it is a mild form of gingivitis or the more advanced stage of periodontitis.

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Dental implants and other tooth replacement options

If you have suffered tooth loss or are facing an upcoming extraction, we offer several tooth restoration options to replace your tooth with beautiful, natural-looking results. These include:

  • Dental implants – often considered the best tooth replacement option, dental implants are designed to replace the missing tooth root; they fuse with your jawbone in a natural process called osseointegration for unparalleled function, strength, and durability and are topped with a beautiful restoration such as a porcelain crown
  • Dental bridges – like their name implies, dental bridges are used to “bridge” the gap created by one or more missing teeth; they consist of beautiful tooth restorations that are anchored in place with crowns on your healthy adjacent teeth
  • Dentures – one of the most affordable tooth replacement options for patients who are missing multiple teeth, dentures can be used to replace a full arch of teeth (full dentures) or just a few missing teeth (partial dentures) using the latest dental technologies for a comfortable fit and natural appearance

Preventive care services

Preventive care services in Newport Beach, CA  area

Dental care is not just important when you are in acute pain or have other dental issues. In fact, one of the best ways to stay out of the dental chair for costly and time-consuming treatments is to see us regularly for simple, but effective preventive care visits. At a preventive care visit, we professionally clean your teeth to eliminate any built-up plaque or tartar. This is important because once these sticky or hard substances have formed on your teeth, they cannot be removed by brushing and flossing alone. In addition, we will conduct a thorough check of your teeth, jaw, gums, and other soft tissues to ensure that they are healthy and not in need of attention. When you come in for regular check-ups, we can typically catch any issues early before they have a chance to progress, which saves you precious time and money when it comes to treating them. We also screen for oral cancer and offer preventive services such as sealants and fluoride treatments when appropriate.

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Whether you are experiencing dental pain or simply need a routine professional cleaning and check-up, you will find the compassionate, friendly dental care you need and a dentist you can trust at John Ravera D.D.S. General & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our Newport Beach, CA office is equipped with the latest dental technologies for your comfort and safety, and we love welcoming new patients into our dental family. With extended office hours on Tuesdays and online appointment requests, getting your dental care is also convenient. Call us today at 949-877-3606 to schedule your appointment and experience the difference in care that we provide.

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