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Dental Implants

It might not be fair or accurate, but missing teeth affect the impressions other people form about a person, from hygiene, health, lifestyle, and education to employment. Missing teeth also impact your quality of life through dietary restrictions and speech barriers. Dental implants are a lasting solution – the closest to real teeth that modern dentistry presently offers – and they are available at John Ravera, DDS General and Cosmetic Dentistry in Newport Beach, CA.

Dental Implants, Newport Beach

Understanding the tooth implant concept

A partial denture or dental bridge replaces the crown of a missing tooth, which is the part that shows when you smile and tears or grinds food. A dental implant is the only method that replaces the root of a missing tooth. The tooth implant process involves precisely placing a small cylinder of biocompatible material into jawbone, where it becomes solidly fused. The implant is then finished with a porcelain crown, for a natural-looking and fully-functional tooth.

Since the implant become part of your body, with good oral hygiene and a healthy lifestyle, it can last as long as you do!

The versatile dental implant

While stand-alone restorations are the most common way dental implants are used, there are additional ways to replace missing teeth with dental implants:

  • Two implants can anchor a dental bridge, replacing up to five consecutive missing teeth without the need to grind down healthy adjacent teeth
  • Immediate dental implants are placed at the time of teeth removal, eliminating the need for multiple oral surgeries; depending on your situation, immediate dental implants may be “loaded” right away, so you do not have to go without teeth
  • Mini implants are specially designed to hold a full arch of teeth; an implant-retained denture has a much higher level of stability and comfort than a conventional “floating” denture

How Newport Beach, CA patients benefit from dental implants

Each time you bite with a real tooth, the root provides stimulation for strong, dense bone mass. An implant mimics this function, helping to preserve facial bone and avoid the appearance of a collapsed mouth. Implants are easy to care for – just brush and floss normally. Plus, dental implant cost is affordable, considering the longevity of the treatment. Don’t let a gap keep you from smiling. See Dr. Ravera in Newport Beach, CA for dental implants949-877-3606.

John Ravera D.D.S.

Dr. John Ravera graduated from the California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo and attended the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry, San Francisco. He has been engaged in the profession of dentistry since his early years as his family members were engaged in the medical field. Dr. Ravera along with his team provide a personalized service to all the patients, building a caring and compassionate relationship with them.

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