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Understand the cost of dental bridges treatment in Newport Beach

Understand the Cost of Dental Bridges Treatment in Newport Beach Area

With only seven seconds to make a good first impression, you want to do so with a beautiful smile. Unfortunately, missing teeth can take away from an otherwise untarnished smile. Dental restorations such as bridges complete the smile. Dr. John Ravera in Newport Beach explains the purpose and cost of dental bridges treatment for patients who are missing teeth.

Dental bridges treatment

Dental bridges are fixed dental devices used to replace missing teeth. They close or bridge the gap caused by the missing tooth. Traditional bridges are the most common. They have two crowns placed on the adjacent teeth or implants. A pontic, or false tooth, sits in the middle replacing the missing tooth. Dental bridges can replace one or more missing teeth. Once cemented into place, permanent bridges are not removable and become a fixed part of the mouth.

For patients who have been embarrassed by missing teeth, dental restorations such as bridges help restore beautiful, complete smiles. Bridges restore the appearance of the smile, maintain facial volume, and improve the functions of the mouth. The chewing surface is strengthened. Dental restorations are durable. They function like natural teeth so patients can resume their normal routines comfortably.

Cost of dental bridges

There are different variables that affect the cost of a bridge. The variables may include the following:

  • Number of false teeth needed to fill the gap
  • Materials used to create the bridge
  • Difficulty of the bridge placement
  • Additional treatments needed for issues such as gum disease
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The cost of placing a dental bridge varies from patient to patient. During a consultation, Dr. Ravera can give a more accurate estimate. Prior to any procedure, patients should check their insurance benefits to understand their covered expenses. Remember that with proper care, dental restorations are long lasting. Appropriate care of a dental bridge is important and can save additional money in the long run. Following the treatment, patients are given specific cleaning and care instructions to help preserve their restorations.

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